Program – Catalyst Atal Incubation Centre


At Catalyst AIC, we believe that access to an array of tech-enabled solutions can create opportunities vital for enhancing livelihoods of underserved communities in India.

Not only is arts and crafts deeply linked to India’s cultural heritage, this sector is also crucial to creating sustainable livelihood opportunities with a nearly 200 million strong artisan community dependent on this sector. The Catalyst AIC incubation program has been designed to support digital products for rural artisan communities in India.

Catalyst AIC runs 6-month incubation cohorts. In each cohort, we will select seven high quality entrepreneurs to work with.


Catalyst AIC’s mission is to create a support ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs, to help them build and scale tailored inclusive tech innovations for underserved communities.

Our Program Strategy

Startups, and technology entrepreneurs in particular, have been usually found to begin their entrepreneurial journey with the ‘product’ in focus. As a result, entrepreneurs seldom come out with products that are technically brilliant but not relevant to the current problems of their target consumers. And this is where a research-driven product development approach comes in.

At Catalyst AIC, our aim is to provide incoming startups with a dedicated research hub, in partnership with an extensive team from LEAD at Krea University, which provides ready access to real-time, on-ground consumer insights. These insights will be derived via field studies that our team does, along with existing datasets that our partners provide. Startups can then use both qualitative and quantitative insights from the field, to improvise their products and come up with a finished product that is ready to scale.

Theory of Change

Access to an array of tech enabled services can create opportunities vital for enhancing livelihoods of India’s underserved communities.

The first two Catalyst AIC cohorts will focus on incubating technology startups, which are building products to create business opportunities for India’s artisanal communities.