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Ramesh Mangaleswaran

Mr. Ramesh Mangaleswaran

Senior Partner at McKinsey

Ramesh is a Member of the Board of Management at Krea University. Ramesh is a founding partner of McKinsey’s offices in Chennai and Bangalore. He co-leads Mckinsey’s industrial work in India and Asia and previously led our Social Sector Practice in Asia.

In his 25 years at McKinsey, a key focus of Ramesh’s work has been on building leadership and talent, often through long-term partnerships with clients. He has helped create a multiyear leadership-development program for a major engineering firm to support a strategy of rapid growth, and he has led multiple projects to help realize the potential of India’s manufacturing, especially in the automotive and infrastructure sectors. Some of this work is in collaboration with leading industry associations. Ramesh has co authored a report on global trends in sourcing manufactured goods from low-cost countries, identifying effective responses for companies in both developed and emerging economies.

Outside KREA and McKinsey, Ramesh contributes to not-for-profit organizations, working in the areas of education and disability. He serves on the boards of the Pratham Education Foundation and the Pratham Skills Institute, which are among India’s largest nongovernmental organizations. He also serves on the executive council at Chennai City Connect, a non-profit focused on the city’s planning and infrastructure needs.