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Catalyst’s digital payment journey in jaipur first stop – Barkat Nagar

Digital payments uptake by small merchants is a stepping stone to broaden financial inclusion. Integrating these small merchants into the digital payment eco-system [...]

Merchant perspectives on the BHIM experience

BACKGROUND Since its introduction in August 2016, the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has been a game changer for the digital payments ecosystem in [...]

Decoding Jaipur’s Digital Payments Landscape

The last few months have been a watershed for the digital payments space in India. With concerted efforts from the government, as well [...]

Digital lending for small merchants: the missing road to the last mile

BACKGROUND Ninety-three percent of India’s US$670 billion retail market continues to be unorganized, operating through mom-and-pop, kirana or standalone stores.1 According to a [...]

Can hunger for growth lead to early adoption of digital payments?

Praveen Agarwal, a 35-year-old merchant, lives and works in the Sodala neighborhood of Jaipur. Together with his brother, he runs a retail shop [...]

Trust in PoS machine biggest concern among merchants Tags: User Story

The narrow streets on our way to Amna’s house are full of life in the disorganized neighbourhood of Bandha Basti, a hilly slum [...]

Opportunity and growth for small merchants with eMitras

Sporting white long hair, Rajesh Jain, has seen many ups and downs in his life, and is now an eMitra merchant in Jaipur [...]

Tuning into the sound of digital transactions

For 30-year-old Satya Prakash Bansal, the transition from running a sound shop as he calls it, to an eMitra merchant, providing numerous digital [...]

Unlocking finance for small merchants — from digital data to digital credit

Kamal Singh, a 40-year-old tea vendor in the walled city area of Jaipur has been running his family’s tea shop for two generations. [...]

In BHIM we trust

“If we see monetary benefit in using a digital payment application, we download it. If we see customers demand digital payments, we learn [...]

Fingpay… fostering bare-pocket transactions

As India continues its journey towards digitization of the economy, the payments space bears witness to rapidly evolving digital infrastructure, and innovative financial [...]

PayNearby…towards a hyperlocal fintech network

EMPOWERING LOCAL RETAILERS IS CRUCIAL PayNearby is a start-up that aims to create the world’s largest hyperlocal fintech network in India, by enabling [...]

Digital is good for business, adds value for consumers

Dressed in a striking red sweater, Vikas Parnami, is thoughtful and articulate as he manages a steady stream of customers at his small [...]

Age just a number when it comes to digital payments

Dressed in spotless white like most men of the region, Ghansham Singh is at ease waiting for his turn at the counter of [...]

Mapping the Merchant’s mind

Mapping the Merchant’s mind

Building Hooks and Ladders: A case for integrating digital payments and lending to small merchants

Building Hooks and Ladders: A case for integrating digital payments and lending to small merchants

Digitizing Micro-merchant Ecosystems – Fixed Stores

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