Aishwarya Chouhan

I’m a public policy lawyer passionate about working on legal & policy. reforms following interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder approaches. An avid learner, I specialise in legal policy research, advocacy, and stakeholder management. Currently, I work at Catalyst AIC (supported by Niti Ayog) as a Program Manager where I manage the company’s public policy work and oversee the start-up cohort.

Previously, I worked as a legal expert at Includovate, an international development org, on projects concerning disability inclusion, children, and gender rights with clients such as UNICEF (Tanzania, Malawi); UNFPA (Tanzania); Sightsavers (UK). I also served as Includovate’s Legal and Compliance Manager and led their legal affairs team.

Further, I continue working on my independent empirical research project on ‘Women in the Indian Judiciary’ for which I interviewed 19 retired Bombay and Delhi High Court judges. My report analysing structural gender biases in Indian judicial appointments was published in the Georgetown Journal on Gender and the Law (2020). I look forward to working in roles that allow me to engage with multiple stakeholders to help solve policy and regulatory issues.



Date published

July 25, 2023